Backtrack is an unlockable Duel Board in Mario Party 3. It's
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unique feature is the Reverse Spaces. Landing on one will cause the player to go in the opposite direction and changes the position of their partners. The board is in the shape of a star and is the shortest board featured in the game with a total of twenty-one spaces.

In Story Mode, the Backtrack is the board on which you must duel with Princess Daisy. On this board, you must win in order to earn the Beauty Star Stamp. Winning will also result in unlocking the board and making it playable in Party Mode.



The Winner is ..

The Winner is ...Me! (Backtrack) - Mario Party 3 Music Extended


  • This board was likely the inspiration for the board Bowser's Warped Orbit featured in Mario Party 8.
  • The Backtrack is one of the two unlockable boards in Mario Party 3 alongside Waluigi's Island.
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