• Daisy9 Forever

    You might have noticed it, but I created a new background to celebrate Daisy's 30th anniversary this year. I hope you all like it, if not then please tell me. I also had this design, bit I thought it was a little too much, the wikia looked really busy with it:

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  • The Ambiverted User


    February 3, 2019 by The Ambiverted User

    Hello everyone, it's The Ambiverted User. As of current, our goal is to split the page Super Smash Bros. Ultimate into multiple pages. Upon the creation of this blog post, our sub-pages for Smash Ultimate include:

    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Alternate Costumes
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Classic Mode
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Daisy Bomber
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Daisy Parasol
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Gallery
    • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate/Spirits

    These pages are in  steady condition, but could definitely use some help. For Alternate Costumes, I'd like for the sections on possible references and the designs to be elaborated. For Classic Mode, be on a lookout for any other Classic Modes in Smash involving Daisy. For the Gallery, I'm thinking that i…

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  • The Ambiverted User

    Revision Needed

    January 25, 2019 by The Ambiverted User

    As many of you know, Princess Daisy made her first playable appearance in the Super Smash Bros. series in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. This game series is known for being filled to the brim with data and things of that nature. So making a page on the game with a plethora of information being revealed at any given time can take a lot of effort and will need multiple revisions. As of now, our Smash Bros Ultimate page doesn't have enough information and yet is already cluttered.

    This is why I strongly advocate for the page to be split into sub-pages. This way, we can neatly organize info. Multiple pages will clear up the main page so we can put that info onto the sub-page. As mentioned earlier, the page is clustered and has little room to inclu…

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  • LOLbootington

    Smash Ultimate

    December 20, 2018 by LOLbootington

    I'm kinde bumbed out for the the fact that daisy didn't get her own final smash. I mean, they could've used her crystalized form and have her punch through whoever is infront of her. But alas, I'm not Nintendo.

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  • The Ambiverted User

    Doesn't the default Mii Gunner look similar to Daisy's outfit in Mario Strikers Charged? Was Sakurai foreshadowing Daisy's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate or just trolling?

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  • Saetta06

    Hello people!

    I was just watching a Youtuber that have already Smash Bros Ultimate, and he played Classic Mode using Daisy!

    First of all, every character in Classic Mode have a route (example: DK route is "Journey to New Donk City" or Kirby route is "gourmet race").

    Daisy's route is called "Sarasaland represent", where she fight other princesses for show them that Sarasaland is still an existing kingdom (It's just what i think, I could be wrong).

    Here is the link for the video:

    Tell me what do you think of Daisy in Smash, not about her moves, she is same as Peach, (she even float like Peach!).

    I still like the idea she is in, even as an echo. She is the best Princess! 

    So, i don't anything to say now.


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  • The Ambiverted User

    When I think about Daisy's inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, I have two sides. An optimistic side and a pessimistic sideside. Here they are.

    Optimist: Yeah, Daisy's final playable on Super Smash Bros! She's being included and recognized.

    Pessimist: Great, Daisy's moveset is a copy of Peach. Now Nintendo is basically confirming Daisy is a Peach clone.

    Optimist: Daisy looks so adorable and sophisticated!

    Pessimist: Does this say "tomboy" to you?

    Optimist: Daisy's alternate costumes look so detailed!

    Pessimist: They couldn't give us a classic or Striker outfit?

    Optimist: Daisy's Final Smash embodies her enthusiastic and mischievous side.

    Pessimist: Dark Pit gets a unique Final Smash but not Daisy?


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  • PrincessVictoria65

    I love it!

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  • PrincessVictoria65

    Daisy in Smash

    October 19, 2018 by PrincessVictoria65

    Ok, so a while ago, I was watching a youtube video of Waluigi still possibly being in smash. IT MISSES SO MANY POINTS!!!!

    He forgets that Daisy has appeared in TWO MAIN GAMES!!!!!!! Super Mario Land, and Super Mario Run. This video is completly wrong on MANY POINTS!!!!

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  • The Ambiverted User

    In my own opinion, I'm going to rank 30 pieces of music and letimotifs associated with Princess Daisy. 

    #30: Koopa's Command/Daisy and Lena

    This is a song featured in the  Super Mario Bros. film. This song is morose and melancholic, not at all accurately portraying Princess Daisy. It's not very pleasant to listen to either.

    #29: Lena Detects Princess Daisy

    Similarly to the previous, this song is quite gloomy. However, unlike the previous, it gives small glimpses of hope through the higher pitched instruments accompanying the grimmer sounding. It's a better song for Lena than Daisy.

    #28: The Mario Brothers Invite Daisy

    This song plays when Luigi and Mario invite Princess Daisy to dinner. It's much more light-hearted and jovial than most of the pi…

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  • Tsuzuro Yamazaki

    Tatanga's birth; 1949 {40 years before the events of Super Mario Land, during Super Mario Land, Daisy was 23}

    Tatanga's species {Which I shall refer to as the Angonians} landed on The Moon, quite a while before the 2017 Super Mario Odyssey Rabbits and the 2007 Super Mario Galaxy Rosalina, however, Rosalina did banish them when her ship landed on the moon, so the species is no longer existant, however, the theory stands that Waluigi IS Tatanga.

    The Angonian Expansion; 

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  • Tsuzuro Yamazaki

    Muda History

    September 28, 2018 by Tsuzuro Yamazaki

    1570 - Founding of Muda

    The Birabuto Kingdom was originally called "Sarasaland" as it was thought to be the only Kingdom in the respective area, but while exploring the land, a native found a new and wondeful oceanic view, when the native told the {1567- 1272} King, he laughed with glee, but when he was shown he was as shocked as the fandom was when Daisy was released in smash, due to the fact the native had found the land, the king allowed him to name it, the native named the Kingdom after his father, Muda, and that is why the second kingdom of Sarasaland is called Muda.

    1603 - Enter Dragonzamasu!

    While exploring the kingdom, the natives found small Sea-horse like creatures, Alive Fish Bone and Octi, the natives came up with names for the cr…

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  • Tsuzuro Yamazaki

    The Pakkunpipon (Pakkun Pipe);

    The original Pakkun Plant, the plant was found in an old broken, sewage pipe, The queen was the person who found this plant and she then went to plant it into the Garden of Daisy, that is another reason why Daisy visits the kingdom, she gets to see the magestical Pakkunpipon.

    Cactosamiako (Cactus);

    The plants that are native to the Birabuto Kingdom, it's spores have crossed into the well known Sand Kingdom, however, due to the fact that the S.K.never saw a Cactosamiako, they named it a Cactus, when Daisy had heard about it, she laughed her crown off, as Cactosamiako originated in the Birabuto, which the S.K. natives had been there.

    Corallosami (Coral);

    The plants that are native to the Muda Kingdom, it's spores ho…

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  • Tsuzuro Yamazaki

    Heatwave in Birabuto: 1648 - 1659

    A heatwave started in Birabuto that caused the inhabitants to move to other kingdoms in Sarasaland, the only oe who hadn't moved was King Totomesu as he stood against the Heat, when the heat finally stopped, the inhabitants that evaquated to Muda brought back water for their king and their families.

    Tsunami consumes Muda: 1900 - 1930

    While the guardian of the kingdom was having a fit, the other guardians were thinking of a way to shut Dragonzamasu up,Hiyoihoi suggested that they  threw rocks into the kingdom, warning the King, however Totomesu disagreed, Biokinton suggested they created a natural disaster such as a flood, while the idea never made full force, Totomesu had the idea of created a force so large …

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  • Tsuzuro Yamazaki

    Sarasaland History~!

    September 26, 2018 by Tsuzuro Yamazaki

    The founding of the Community of Kingdoms: 1640

    The founder of Sarasaland is the great, great Grandfather of Daisy, Azalea and Peach, the Founder being the father of Granpa Toadstool/Flower and the Great Grandfather of the Kingdom brotherine, and finally being the great great Grandfather of Princess Daisy, Princess Azalea and Princess Peach.

    Princess Daisy's birth: 1966

    The Princess of Sarasaland has a timeless look, however, she's quite old nowadays, but she's still the teenage look-a-like and the active women we know she is, The king and queen of Sarasaland both announced their child's birth 1642, as the first 2 years they were training Daisy to be the next heir to the throne.

    The Great Mushroom War: 1990-1999

    The kings of the countries had a…

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  • The Ambiverted User

    These are pages on other wikis about Princess Daisy. We can give the pages help and/or take inspiration from them.

    Princess Daisy on Wikipedia

    Princess Daisy on Super Mario Wiki

    Princess Daisy on MarioWiki 

    Princess Daisy on Heroes Wiki.

    Princess Daisy on Nintendo Wiki

    Princess Daisy on Vs Battles Wiki

    Princess Daisy on SmashWiki

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    Princess Daisy on Mario Kart Wii Wiki,

    Princess Daisy on Simple English Wikipedia

    Princess Daisy on Super Mario Bros. Wiki,

    Princess Daisy on Animeshoes Wiki,

    Princess Daisy o…

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  • DaSy48cI

    Here are some facts about the hopefully-to-be-made sequel to Super Mario 3D World called Super Princess 3D World: Super Mario 3D World 2:

    • Princess Daisy is the ruler of Sarasaland, but according to many sources, she moved to the Mushroom Kingdom so that Princess Peach would have a comapnion and a best friend.
    • This may mark as Princess Daisy's third or fourth game as a playable character in a main game outside the spin-offs.
    • The main antagonists (the main villains of the game) Jason and the Argo-Nuts, which was thought up of by Adam Dill (that's me), are based on the legendary Greek characters of Jason and the Argonauts. Jason and the Argonuats were Greek heroes in movies, television, and books, while Jason and the Argo-Nuts are evil villainou…
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  • DaSy48cI

    As you may all know, I have an active and strange imagination. And in this blog post, I am listing the top 5 cartoon characters that could be great friends with Princess Daisy:

    1. Yogi's Gang

    Daisy would love to have Yogi Bear and friends come over and give her a lot of love. Everyone at Yogi's Gang do what is right and they would love to support Princess Daisy in any way they can. Daisy would love everyone in Yogi's Gang. No exceptions. 

    2. Rocket J. Squirrel and Bullwinkle J. Moose

    These two would definitely be friends with Princess Daisy. They would love to have Daisy be around them and they would support Princess Daisy when they are not doing their show. And when Daisy has a 30th anniversary next year, these two should host the party, if p…

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  • The Ambiverted User

    This is an idea for a video on the We Are Daisy Official YouTube Channel. I got the idea from a video posted on the We Are Peach Official YouTube Channel. 

    Hi Daisy Fans! Today we're presenting a video to better portray Princess Daisy. In addition to putting the Sarasaland princess in main games and giving her more roles, our goal is to get more people to love Daisy. The character definitely had a large fan base but there is a good amount of people who strongly dislike Princess Daisy. Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion but here are our counter arguments to the five biggest reasons people say Daisy is a bad character.

    Point 1: Daisy is annoying

    This is one of the most used arguments when discussing hatred towards Daisy. It is …

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  • The Ambiverted User

    This is based on a popular blog post on Heroes Wiki. However, the major difference is I will have a section for the character's similarities and differences with Princess Daisy. 

    Character #1: Lynn Loud

    Lynn Loud is the fifth oldest in the Loud family. I personally don't care much for her but I can't help noticing that she shares a few similarities with Daisy. The two are both tomboys who enjoy sports and are very competitive. They both have reddish hair and are portrayed as champions. The main difference between the two is that Lynn is portrayed as one of the more cruel members of the family while Daisy shows a good deal of compassion. Lynn is arguably more of a tomboy while Daisy maintains a slight sense of sophistication.

    Character #2: Isa…

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  • The Ambiverted User

    Of all the intriguing and memorable characters in the Super Mario franchise, Princess Daisy is likely the most underrated character in the series. First appearing in 1989's Super Mario Land as the damsel in distress, Daisy is a frequently appearing character in the Mario spin-off titles. Despite this, Daisy is seen and treated as a clone of Princess Peach and thought to have no personality. Through all this, I find Daisy to be the best character in the entire Super Mario franchise. Now I beg that you put your biases aside and listen to my opinion.

    First and foremost, Princess Daisy has the most personality of all the characters. Most of the Mario ensemble in the series have little personality traits. For example, Mario has none besides bein…

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  • The Ambiverted User

    Mario Party 9. One of the most intensely disliked Mario games along with Mario is Missing and Hotel Mario. If I'm being honest, It's intensely repetitive and dreadfully dull. But I hold the game as one of my most beloved guilty pleasures. Why? Because this is the game in which I first saw Princess Daisy.

    In the summer of 2013, I went to a summer karate club. For entertainment, we either participated in physical activities or played the Wii. One day, I decided to use the Wii and chose the game Mario Party 9. At first, I would play as Princess Peach. She was the least eccentric character in the group playable characters and that made her seem more quirky. Eventually, the people there wondered why I always chose Peach and told me to play as so…

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  • TheKingOfSarasaland

    WarioWare should get a page, we got two minigames featuring Sarasaland in 3 different games and we have that Amiibo art for Daisy.

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  • Princessdaizix

    Although I doubt this would happen (doesn't mean we can't hope), what if Sarasaland was attacked again when Princess Daisy was visiting her home in Muda KIngdom and then Tatanga came back for even more revenge.

    Or perhaps it would be a remake of the original,(like a throwback game) where they recreate Sarasaland and we see it more vividly and with more detail, compared to the B&W the game was limited to back then. (but retro is still cool) But I feel like this idea would be impractical, and they would rather go by the timeline instead of go back in time (in the world's history in order to do so). 

    This is just an idea, but if Nintendo plans to bring back the game, or at least bring back a few recurring characters or have a few courses/levels…

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  • DaSy48cI

    7000 Supports!!

    May 25, 2018 by DaSy48cI

    Well everybody, thanks to all of you at We Are Daisy and Daisy fans, Princess Daisy has 7000 supports. How awesome is that? Let's conitnue to support Princess Daisy and reach 7500 supports and even 10,000 supports.

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  • DaSy48cI

    Well everyone, the contest between We Are Peach and We Are Daisy will be starting up soon. Even though I am joining the We Are Daisy team, I just like to let everyone know that Peach and Daisy are superstars no matter what.

    Good luck to both teams and good luck to everyone participating in the contests.

    P.S. Out of the subject, I will be having a birthday on Monday, May 28th on Memorial Day.

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    Here is the idea that won our SMO DLC contest! Don't hesitate to add it (via this page link) in your email to Nintendo!

    - Sarasaland : The mysterious land, devided in four parts. Orange moons circled in Blue (Muda), circled in purple (Chai), circled in green (Easton), circled in yellow (Birabuto),

    - Money : Daisy’s emblem in purple

    - Possible captures :

    • Pionpi (rare, gets invincible during 20 seconds after what Mario gets ejected from the Pionpi who disappears)
    • Bombshell Koopa (to put them near explosible rocks to reach secret paths, treasures, moons…)
    • Mekabon (his flying head can be used to reach high objects or high places)
    • Gina (a bit faster than Bullet bills but a bit harder to control)
    • Batadon (since it will only jumps and land roughly, to press…

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  • DaisyFan2008

    OK as you probably know, Smash for the Nintendo Switch is 'apparently' coming out soon. So, I made a possible moveset for Daisy:


    . Flower Wave - Daisy waves her hand and a tsunami of daises goes across the stage, hitting anyone in the process (B Button)

    . Baseball! - Daisy throws a baseball at her closest opponent (Side + B button)

    . Flower Luanch - A flower made out of light appears on the ground or in the air, which lauches Daisy into the air and can be used as a platform for a limited amount of time ( Up + B button)

    . Super Slap - I just can't stop thinking about this, Daisy goes up to her opponent and slaps them, knocking them backwards and stunning them (Down + B Button)

    Her character skin, yes it's the bike suit, I just like it.


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  • DaSy48cI

    Last Friday was Princess Daisy's 29th birthday/anniversary. So happy birthday to Princess Daisy from all of us at We Are Daisy Wiki.

    Special Thanks to DaisyFORFUTURE for creating this wonderful picture.

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  • DaSy48cI

    Sharing An Umbrella

    April 11, 2018 by DaSy48cI

    Daisy - "Thanks for sharing the umbrella with me, Peach."

    Peach - "My pleasure, Daisy. After all, umbrellas are great for sharing with my best friend, namely you."

    The point of this whole picture is best friends share everything with each other, especially umbrellas. And seeing as Peach and Daisy are best friends, they are sharing an umbrella together. It's a lovely picture.

    Special thanks to the person or persons who made this picture. If anyone knows who made this picture, let me know.

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  • DaSy48cI

    6,000 Supports

    March 21, 2018 by DaSy48cI

    Well everyone, good news. Princess Daisy has over 6,000 supports from all Daisy fans. Keep up the good work, everybody and let's never give up and reach 7,500 and even 10,000 supports. We can do it when we put our minds to it.

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  • DaSy48cI

    Mario Kart Daisy Head

    March 13, 2018 by DaSy48cI

    Here is a picture of the Daisy icon to be added to the character icons for Mario Kart and Mario and Sonic games. Mario Kart has been a popularly spun-off game just like Mario Party. It's amazing what Daisy has done in these games.

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  • Dunce03

    Hi! I would like to inform everybody that We Are Daisy's roblox group has reached 40 members!!! Also today is my Birthday :D

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  • DaSy48cI

    We Are Peach and We Are Daisy are collaborating to make a new channel. We Are Peach and We Are Daisy are going to be one channel. That is so cool.

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  • RafaDaisy

    Daisy Circuit in MK8!

    February 17, 2018 by RafaDaisy

    Who would like to see Daisy Circuit in MK8?


    Now you can vote here:

    • [1]


    i used 2 accounts 

    Share to everyone you know

    The poll Will end in 1 week

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  • DaSy48cI

    Hello everyone at We Are Daisy Wiki.I am Adam Dill and I have included 2 pictures of the We Are Daisy marquee with the marquee kit I got for  Christmas and a Princess Daisy plush included (I am in this photo too I hope you don't mind). Take a look at these 2 photos and give me feedback on which picture you like the most.

    The picture you like the most we should post it on Twitter. That would be so amazing.

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  • Daisy9 Forever

    I was wondering about what Mario Kart games you all like and don't like as much. This is my list:

    1. Mario Kart: Double Dash!!
    1. Mario Kart Wii    (couldn't pick between these two, so I put
                                   them both at 1)
    3. Mario Kart 7
    4. Mario Kart 8 (deluxe)
    5. Mario Kart DS
    6. Mario Kart 64
    7. Mario Kart Super Circuit
    8. Super Mario Kart

    Haven't played the arcade games, so I can't judge them. Anyway, what about your lists?

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  • DaSy48cI

    To celebrate the PeyongChang 2018 Winter Olympics, I found a picture of Princess Daisy skiing for the Winter Olympic sports. This is a wonderful picture and Daisy is a wonderful olympic star.

    If anyone knows who made this wonderful picture, let me know. I love this picture.

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  • DaSy48cI

    Yesterday, I watched the Super Daisy Land 3 video starring Princess Daisy and Mario and I gotta say it was the most incredible video I ever saw. I wonder if there will be another part of Super Daisy Land? I'll just have to wait and see.

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  • Sonicboom403

    Jakks is taking suggestions on which Nintendo characters the fans want to see made in figure/plush form. So if you want them to make Daisy, now is a good time to suggest her.

    Their Twitter is @JakksToys, and their Instagram is @jakkstoys.

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  • DaSy48cI

    The other day, I was watching the Super Daisy Land 2 video starring Princess Daisy and Mario and it was so cool. Great job in creating this video everybody. Keep up the good work.

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  • Umbra Witch Jeanne
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    Tatanga disguises as rabbid (he would become Bwatanga !) and bottoms among the rabbids then he hypnotizes them and make them getting united to invade Sarasaland (of course there would be the whole Sarasaland fauna) while Daisy is in holidays. Peach calls her to tell her what is happening and Daisy comes back immediately, she takes her own weapon that allows to shoot three bullets at the same time and allows to possess the hit rabidd(s) during several seconds. This rabbid can be controled by Daisy in order to beat some other rabbids who think that this possessed rabbid is still on their side.

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    Entrance: Daisy hops off the Sky Pop, saying "Hi, I'm Daisy!"

    Appearance Change

    Daisy's appearance is slightly tweaked to match Super Smash Bros.'s more realistic art style. She is taller, and has freckles on her cheeks. Her dress is more detailed, adding small daisies in between her dress's lines and its puffs. (Look at the picture below)

    Idle animations

    1.) Daisy impatiently hops twice, in similar fashion to her Mario Power Tennis taunt.

    2.) Daisy puts her left hand on her hip, staring at her oponent.

    3.) Stretches her fingers, resembling the pose of her Mario Party 8 artwork.



    Punch --> Mini uppercut combo (7% damage)


    Side: Daisy hits her opponent with her ankle (5%)

    Up: Daisy kicks a football upwards with her knee (knee: 3% ball:…

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  • DaSy48cI

    For the second time ever, I am placing this special blog to indicate I found this wonderful movie poster entitled "Breakfast at Sarasaland" starring Princess Daisy as Holly Godarkly. Along with other characters such as Mario, Luigi, Toad, Toadworth, and Tatanga the evil alien (let's be honest for a minute, does anybody remember Tatanga?). This is a spoof to that popular 1961 movie "Breakfast at Tiffany's" from Paramount Pictures. This poster is from Nintendo Productions. Isn't this amazing? What do you think? Is that great or what?

    If anyone knows who created this wonderful poster, let me know so I can give him/her/them credit.

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  • DaSy48cI

    Christmas Princesses

    December 6, 2017 by DaSy48cI

    This is a picture of Princess Daisy and Princess Rosalina carrying presents after their wonderful Christmas Shopping together. These princess friends both are on their way to Princess Peach's castle, each with a gift for her. They will also meet up with Mario, Luigi, Toad, DK, Yoshi, and others at Princess Peach's Christmas Party at her castle.

    This picture is a perfect picture and this blog is perfect for the Christmas season, because Christmas will soon be here. If anybody knows who created this wonderful picture, please let me know so I can give him/her/them credit. Thank you.

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  • Daisy4DLC

    I hope it’s Daisy.

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  • Daisy4DLC

    As a Daisy fan, be honest. lol

    How likely do you think she is to be a playable character?

    I'm not trying to be biased, but I think she has a 90% chance of making it. I'm speculating that both her and Waluigi will be added. I'm not a fan of Waluigi but I just think both of those 2 will be the Smas Switch Mario newcomers. After all, they are the only two remaining characters of the recurring cast left. I know Toad and Toadette and Birdo exist, but it is extremely apparent that they are not always in the front line when it comes to playability in games. One can see that Waluigi and Daisy are certainly more in-your-face and are always in spin offs.

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  • RafaDaisy

    Download Voices Page?

    November 2, 2017 by RafaDaisy

    I would like to create a page where you can use daisy voice clips and easy to use them in videos 

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  • RafaDaisy


    October 31, 2017 by RafaDaisy

    Have a awesome halloween day!

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