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The Mario Party series is depicted as an "electronic game of society". People have to travel through a game board while throwing one or more dice. Until Mario Party 9, it was an individual system and when the four characters have finished their turn, a minigame can be played.To win the Party, you must have the highest number of stars possible, you can buy stars with coins you gain if you win Mini-Games.

In Mario Party: Island Tour, you can use cards, since Mario Party 9 all characters travel together in a vehicle and every turn the driver (called the Captain in Mario Party 9) changes, he or she is the one who decides of the moving forward of the team. In Mario Party 9 and 10, you have to win the most Mini Stars possible to win.

During the game, Battle Minigames can appear. Some coins or Mini Stars are taken from the characters and are redistributed according to the ranking of the character after the Battle Mini-Game. At the end, there are bonuses which can change the results of the game.

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It seems that the franchise has returned to its original format as of Super Mario Party.

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