This page lists some appearances of Princess Daisy in fan-made games (some based on official Nintendo games' level editors, others through third-party programs). Do you know another fan-made game or did you make a game with Daisy in it? Please let us know or add it yourself.

Super Mario Maker Edit

  • Super Daisy Land, by Atomic_D: Daisy will have to travel through Sarasaland in order to prove that her too can be a part of a main adventure!
    Super Daisy Land (Super Mario Maker) World 2 Part 2

    Super Daisy Land (Super Mario Maker) World 2 Part 2

    The seventh world features a new style of levels: you'll have to find the five red coins or the key which will allow you to open the path to the end!
  • Super Luigi Bros, by CutterL: you play as Luigi and a Daisy costume is hidden somewhere in the different levels, find her and try to keep her until the end!
  • Daisy saves the day! by Maveo83: like it is said, it's up to Daisy to save the day, she'll manage to defeat Bowser at the end.
  • Peach, Daisy or Rosalina?, by Maveo83: you have to choose between Peach, Daisy or Rosalina costume to finish each level. Each costume corresponds to a specific travel!

Minecraft: Wii U Edition Edit

See Minecraft Wii U.

Miscellaneous Edit

  • Super Mario Galaxy: Tatanga's Return Prediction Blog by: Jourdon Patron.
  • Super Daisy Land: Daisy has to save Luigi from Tatanga and has to travel through Sarasaland.
  • Super Princess Daisy: Daisy is a palette swap of Peach from Super Mario Bros 2.
  • The Great Mission to Save Princess Daisy : Mario, Luigi, Peach and Rosalina have to save Daisy from Bowser.
  • Super Mario: Pearls of Wisdom: Tatanga stole the Pearls of Wisdom and wants to rule the world. Mario will manage to defeat him. Daisy is the boss of the water Pearl. At the end, Mario, Peach, Luigi and Daisy share a good time together on the Daisy Cruiser.
  • Imagined as a sequel for Super Mario 3D World, Adam Dill elaborated a scenario for a Super Princess 3D World game:
  • *Peach and Daisy:Time Travelers - In this game, Peach and Daisy must travel through time and rescue the lost Mario Bros. from the evil Wart the Frog. They will explore different time periods and face enemies and bosses including K. Rool, King Goomba, The Golden Diva, and The Bad Doctor alias Xavier J. Woofenpickle.Peac

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