We Are Daisy Wikia
We Are Daisy Wikia


For more you can go on our DeviantArt branchs and you can join them if you want!

Here is a collection of Princess Daisy art submitted by fans. Be sure to consult the artists' websites and give them a little love for their brilliant pieces of art

Do you want your art here? Leave a comment and we will put your art for everyone to see!



 Here you will find creations drawn Miiverse If you like a particular image, be sure to click the Miiverse profile of the artist and give them a Yeah.


General images of non-game related Daisy, or otherwise different. Please remember only upload images you have, or, if someone other than yourself created the image, please remember to get permission before posting it here!


See: Minecraft Wii U


Below are images created from "Mii Photo" directly from Miitomo, the first mobile application from Nintendo. To use our official Daisy Mii to Miifoto, just follow @WeAreAllDaisy on Twitter to add her as a friend or read a QR code (see below) from your mobile to use her in a Miifoto.

Logos and banners for the We Are Daisy Group

Below are graphic images produced by Daisy supporters specifically for the We Are Daisy Group.