Amiibo card

Peach's cards, with at the bottom right card featuring Daisy.

 Princess Daisy makes her Mario & Luigi series debut in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. If a player taps a Peach amiibo to the 3DS, the player can unlock 1 of 23 cards under the Princess Peach card collection. The bottom right card is unlocked as the special 24th card once all 23 other cards have been unlocked. Alongside Peach and Rosalina, the card depicts Daisy's artwork first seen in Mario Kart 7, with her hands on her hips in a modern art-style. When activated in battle, the card can fully restore the players' HP and BP.

MLPJ Peach Extra Card


☀ The background color scheme of the Extra Card is orange, pink, and light blue, which resemble Daisy, Peach, and Rosalina's main colors respectively. This is just a coincidence, however, as all Extra Cards have the same background color scheme.

☀ This is the first RPG game that Daisy appears in and the first game outside of a spin-off title since Super Mario Land.

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