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Mario Party 8 is the eighth Mario Party home console installment, the tenth installment overall, and the first Mario Party game released for Wii.

Daisy returns as a fully playable character in Mario Party 8. When clicking her icon on the title screen, she will say one of three possible sentences. As in several previous Mario Party games, you can make laugh during the turn of other characters. When you shake your Wii remote during a turn, Daisy will taunt the other players.

Team namesEdit

Team names Daisy
Mario Flower Players
Luigi Tango Tanglers
Peach Damsels in Success
Yoshi Tomboy Trouble
Wario Mischief Makers
Waluigi Double Facers
Toad Bloomy Shroomy
Toadette Perfumed Shroomy
Boo High Spirited Duo
Birdo Gallopin' Gal-Pals
Dry Bones Daisy Pushers
Blooper Bloopsie Daisy
Hammer Bro. Barn Builders


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