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Mario Party 9 is the ninth home console installment in the Mario Party series, the twelfth installment overall, and the last one released for the Wii.

Daisy is one of the twelve playable characters in the game. This game marks Daisy's seventh appearance as a fully playable appearance in the Mario Party series. Her bio:

This party girl always shows up when the Mushroom Kingdom’s brightest stars get together. Will she outshine her rivals this time around?

She has a constellation named "Princess Minor" which acknowledges her appearances in sports games.

  • Princess Minor: A constellation named after a princess who enjoys tennis, golf, soccer, and not getting kidnapped.


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  • Daisy and Peach's offical artwork was reused in the Japanese arcade game Mario Party Fushigi no Challenge World.
  • This is the second time Princess Daisy and Princess Peach share an official artwork in a Mario Party game. The first time was for Mario Party 7.
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