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Mario Party DS is the eleventh installment in the Mario Party series and is the second installment released on a handheld console.

Daisy is one of the eight playable characters.

Team NamesEdit

Team names Daisy
Mario Flower Players
Luigi Shy Sidekicks
Peach Power Princesses
Wario Wilted Flowers
Waluigi Skinny Stars
Yoshi Sweetie Pies
Toad Button Mushrooms

Unlockables Edit

You obtain this badge if you finish the story mode with Daisy.
  • Badge Description: This is the badge given to a player who shows spunk and sass.

You obtain this trophy if you finish story mode with Daisy.

Party ds
  • Trophy Description: Daisy is bright and cheerful in her own unique way, and her fans adore her for it! She always makes a party more than lively!


☀ Mario Party DS is the most recent Mario game where Daisy's classic design is seen. The minigame Mario's Puzzle Party from Mario Party 3 returns in Mario Party DS and the icons used for every character (except Toad who was not playable in Mario Party 3, and he uses modern art instead) revert the characters back to how they appeared in Mario Party 3.


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