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Mario Tennis Aces is a sports game in the Mario Tennis series for Nintendo Switch, initially released on June 22, 2018. It is the eighth installment in the series and is Princess Daisy's sixth appearance in the entirety of the Mario Tennis series so far.

Daisy was originally leaked (along with Yoshi, Rosalina, and Bowser) in screenshots posted before the March 2018 Nintendo Direct. She was officially confirmed in said Direct. Princess Daisy is voiced by Deanna Mustard.

Design and StatsEdit

Compared to Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash, Daisy hasn't changed that much physically. She now wears an orange and yellow wristband on her right arm and also wears a modified version of her former sneakers. Daisy is an All Around type character, just like in Mario Tennis: Ultra Smash and the tennis mode of Mario Sports Superstars meaning like Mario and Luigi she has all balanced statistics

Trailer Edit

Mario Tennis Aces Reveal Trailer (Switch - Nintendo Direct Jan 2018)

Mario Tennis Aces Reveal Trailer (Switch - Nintendo Direct Jan 2018)

Gallery Edit

Similarly to their real life personalities, Daisy's poses and stances are much more exaggerated and coquettish than Princess Peach's more modest and elegant poses.See the Mario Tennis: Gallery.