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Minecraft Wii U Edition was released on the Wii U in December 17th 2015 in Europe/North America. This popular game is an adventure and creative game. Everything is made out of blocks and the player can choose between the Creative Mode, the Survival Mode, or the Adventure Mode. In the Creative Mode, items and blocks are infinitely available and the enemies won't attack you. Players can choose to play as many characters from several different TV and video game series, including Super Mario characters such as Princess Daisy.

Super Mario Mash-Up Pack


A screenshot of Daisy holding a Koopaling wand in game

The Super Mario Mash-Up Pack is due to release on Wii U in May 18th 2016. It includes 40 characters from the Mario universe, including Daisy herself.

The Daisy skin contains 3-D elements not seen through fan made skins - her dress and the back of her hair are all fully modeled, just like in her official appearances.

Despite appearing as a playable character, the Super Mario Mash-Up world does not contain a Daisy statue.



Minecraft- Wii U Edition - Super Mario Mash Up Pack (Wii U)


  • Daisy appears on the front cover of the advertising poster. This is the only Wii U game where she does so.
  • Peach, Daisy, Rosalina, and the Tree Fairy are the only skins that have dresses, and have "View Bobbing" disabled regardless of setting.
  • The retextured armor allows Daisy to dress up in various different suits based on Mario power-ups, including the Cat Suit. The Cat Suit can be dyed to any color of choice, including orange.


See the Minecraft Wii U: Gallery. Additionally you can find the pictures of the fan-made city, Daisyville.