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Daisy, played by Samantha Mathis.

Super Mario Bros. was a 1993 live-action movie that was supposed to be based on the video game series. However, fans thought the movie had nothing to do with the video games. Other negative points were that the movie didn't really have a plot and that the movie had a very dark atmosphere. Critics were very positive about the actors though.

The movie is about Mario and Luigi, two plumbers from Brooklyn, New York. At a certain point, Luigi meets Daisy  (played by Samantha Mathis ), an NYU-student, and they fall in love. Daisy is digging under the Brooklyn Bridge for dinosaur bones. Daisy eventually gets kidnapped by two men, who are taking her to a place named Dinohattan. The Mario Bros. follow her and they find out that they have to stop the evil King Koopa, who is ruling the place. It appears that Daisy is the princess of Dinohattan.Throughout the movie, the brothers manage to defeat King Koopa. Daisy can't go back with Luigi though, because she has to stay in Dinohattan to build it up again. At the end of the movie Daisy comes back to the apartment of the Mario Bros. saying that she needs their help. 

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Daisy when captured by King Koopa.

☀ In this movie, Daisy is the princess of Dinohattan rather than her in-game kingdom, Sarasaland.

☀ Daisy appears in the movie rather than Peach. The reason for it is unknown.

☀ This is the only appearance of Dinohattan.

☀ This is the first time Daisy and Luigi are shown as a couple. They were seen together once before, in NES Open Tournament Golf, though that game didn't hint a relationship.