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Princess Daisy returns in the Mario Party series as a playable character in this title for the Nintendo Switch, Super Mario Party. It has been released internationally as of October 5, 2018. 

In addition to the standard 1-6 Dice Block, Daisy has a unique dice block with the numbers 3,3,3,3,4 and 4. The mean of her dice is 3.3 and her standard deviation is 0.47. It is very well-balanced and consistent, which makes her an All Around character and is an A-tier character in most tier lists.

Every characters have their catchphrase when they are recruited on a game board, Daisy's is "Hey there! With me on your side, we're sure to win!"

Her amiibo is compatible with the game and it unlocks a sticker.

Her bio: "The ruler of Sarasaland loves the thrill of the chase."

Gallery Edit

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  • Daisy's level of the pixel game from Toad's Rec Room refers to her sprite in Super Mario Maker:
  • Daisy, along with Mario, Peach, Luigi, Rosalina, Bowser and some minions is one of the few characters that are shown on the panels in the rythm mini-game called Panel rising:
  • Daisy's artwork bears resemblance to her artwork for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In both artworks, her left arm is raised up straight in the air and her right fist is lowered.