Canonicity: Super Smash Bros is not canon to the Super Mario franchise in any shape or form. (with the exception of trophy information) Super Smash Bros is confirmed by Nintendo to be a separate universe with its own canon.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

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Princess Daisy makes her playable debut in the Super Smash Bros. series in Super Smash Bros Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch. She was revealed as a playable character during the E3 2018 Nintendo Direct alongside Inkling and Ridley. Daisy is an Echo Fighter of Peach, with her character number being 13ε. Deanna Mustard reprises her role as Daisy, with voice clips being reused from Mario Kart games.


Basic Attacks

Attack Damage Description
Neutral Attack 2-3% Daisy swiftly slaps her opponent twice.
Dash Attack 4% (first hit), 6% (second hit) With magical sparks in hand, Daisy runs forward with hands extended in front of her and then spreads her hands out.


Attack Damage Description
Up Tilt 8-10% Lifts her hand upwards and strikes a blast of orange magic in the form of a daisy above herself.
Side Tilt 7-8% Performs a high upward kick.
Down Tilt 7% Performs a low sweep kick.


Attack Damage Description
Neutral Air 5-13% Daisy twirls in the air with arms extended, dealing damage to those on her left and right.
Down Air 2-5% Performs four rapid kicks downward from the air.
Up Air 4-6% Creates a rainbow above herself after swiping upward
Forward Air 14-15% Takes her crown off and swipes vertically. Accented by magical sparkles.
Back Air 7-12% A reverse butt thrust.

Floor Attacks

Attack Damage Description
Front Floor 7% Daisy swirls around
Back Floor 7% Daisy swings her legs around
Trip Floor 5% Daisy delivers two kicks on her right and left

Grabs & Pummels

Attack Damage Description
Grab 0% Grabs opponent
Pummel 1.3% Blue Toad punches grabbed opponent
Up Throw 2-6% Throws opponent above upwards and strikes. Blue Toad leaps but doesn't attack
Down Throw 1-7% Daisy places grabbed opponent onto floor, allowing Blue Toad to headbutt opponent, knocking them upwards
Front Throw 2-8% Blue Toad thrusts forward and knocks opponent.
Back Throw 2-9% Daisy puts her opponent behind herself and bumps them with her hips. Toad appears and imitates but deals no damage.

Smash Attacks

Attack Damage Description
Side Smash 15-21% (golf club), 18-25% (frying pan), 13.5-18.9 (tennis racket) Daisy clobbers her opponent with a golf club, frying pan or tennis racket.
Up Smash 12-17% Whirls an orange ribbon ribbon that surrounds her with a flower on the pinnacle.
Down Smash 2-3% Spins low on the ground, using her dress as a blade

Special Attacks

Attack Name Damage Description
Neutral Special Toad 3.5% Daisy cowers with ears covers whilst Blue Toad guards her. If hit, Blue Toad sprays damaging spores.
Side Special Daisy Bomber 12% Daisy swings forward and delivers an explosive hip bash with daisy effects.
Up Special Daisy Parasol 1-3% Daisy jumps upward with parasol, opens it (which jabs fighters above her) and slowy floats downward.
Down Special Vegetable 8.6-33.8% Daisy pulls a vegetable from the ground (in rare instances a Bob-omb or Mr. Saturn) and throws it as a projectile.
Final Smash Daisy Blossom 10-30% Daisy does a quick dance that causes nearby enemies to fall asleep as giant daisies that increase health fall from the sky. The closer an opponent is to Daisy during her Final Smash determines the amount of damage dealt.

On-Screen Appearance

  • Daisy appears on the stage accompanied by flower effects with her parasol in hand. She winks and waves at the camera while shouting "Yo-ooooo!".

Idle Animations

  • Daisy stretches her hands above her head
  • Daisy puts her hands on her hips as she wiggles them and winks.


  • Up Taunt: Daisy raises her left arm upwards while exclaiming "Woo-hoo!". This animation looks similar to her official artwork for the game.
  • Side Taunt: Daisy spins and puts up a peace sign with one hand on her hip.
  • Down Taunt: Daisy puts her hands on her hips with a slight grunt. Resembles her official artwork for Mario Kart 7.

Victory Screens

  • Daisy twirls onto the screen while saying "Whoo!". She then puts a sideways peace sign up to her right eye. Could potentially reference her victory animation in Mario Golf: World Tour.
  • Daisy stretches to her right and then points to the sky while saying "Yeah!" This animation is very similar to her victory animation in Mario Tennis Aces. The only animation Daisy uses during team victories.
  • Daisy jumps up, alternating between lifting her left and right hand up, exclaiming "Whoo-hoo!" Daisy then puts her right hand on her hip while bending her left hand upwards. This could potentially be a reference to her special victory animation in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.
Daisy's victory theme is shared with Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Dr. Mario. It is a remix of the Super Mario Bros. course clear fanfare. This remix was first used in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and was slightly sped up in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Differences from Peach

Like with the other Echo Fighters, Daisy is nearly functionally identical to her base fighter Peach. Daisy's entire moveset is identical to Peach's, with the only gameplay difference being Daisy's different animations. Daisy also has some aesthetic differences from Peach, where Peach's heart effects are replaced with flower and petal effects. As such, Daisy could be considered a cosmetic choice for players who want to use Daisy instead of playing as Peach.


  • Like with all other Echo Fighters, Daisy has different taunts and victory animations from her base fighter Peach. Daisy's clapping animation is a bit different from Peach's as Daisy claps faster.
  • Daisy's idle stance is more energetic than Peach's, as Daisy has her arms held up by her side. Daisy uses Peach's idle stance when holding certain items.
  • Daisy only has two unique idle animations while Peach has four.
  • Daisy's running animations are different, closely resembling her running animation in Mario Party 10. However her initial running animation is the same as Peach's.
  • Daisy uses a Blue Toad instead of the regular Toad.
  • Instead of Peach's heart effects, Daisy has flower and petal effects.
  • Daisy's tennis racket is different from Peach's, resembling her tennis racket from Mario Tennis on the Nintendo 64.
  • Daisy Blossom summons daisies instead of peaches, and uses images of Daisy herself which can be seen below.


  • Daisy crouches slightly during her idle animation, making it more difficult to hit her vertically.
  • Daisy's idle animation also has her arms held up by her side, which makes it easier to hit her sideways.
  • Daisy's hitbox is wider when she runs.
  • When Daisy floats, her hitbox is smaller due to her floating animation being slightly altered from Peach's.


Like with Peach, Daisy's default dress for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate was adjusted to look more sophisticated and intricate. The costume contain gold, flame-like designs in addition to silk extensions on the brink of the conclusion of her dress. She has matching flame patterns close to to her jewel in addition to frills at the the front of her gown that part down the legs, flame-like plans close her frills. The gown has a silk front on the point of her brooch. Daisy's gloves also have flower patterns on them.

Daisy's dress shares similarities with Peach's, but there are a few differences between the two. The differences are listed below. A (*) means that these features come from the Mario universe.


  • Peach’s has one dark pink frill at the bottom while Daisy has two orange frills (*)
  • The “tribal-like” design at the bottom of the dresses don’t depict the same shapes for Peach and for Daisy. More, Peach’s one is golden while Daisy’s is white. Same goes with the “tribal-like” design surrounding the dress jewel
  • The lace present on the lower part of the dresses doesn’t depict the same patterns. Peach’s lace is "aerated" while Daisy’s is more compact and shows flowers.
  • The cuffs are bigger on Peach’s dress than on Daisy’s dress.
  • Peach's collar ends with a thin white border while Daisy's remains simple with a little pattern on it. But while Peach doesn't have customized "cuffs end", Daisy has (*) (depicting the same shape as her collar) with the same patterns as on her collar.


  • Daisy’s crown is smaller than Peach’s. (*)
  • The patterns described on the crowns are different for each, more Peach’s one features a mushroom at the top of it, above the main red jewel, while Daisy’s doesn’t feature anything special.
  • Daisy’s crown is made of lighter gold compared to Peach’s. (*)
  • The "separation" is placed lower on Peach's crown that on Daisy's crown


  • Peach’s gloves end with a golden border. Daisy’s end with nothing in particular.
  • Daisy's gloves depict daisy patterns while Peach's depict random patterns. Peach also wears a ring.
  • Per normal, Daisy is slightly shorter than Peach. (*)

Palette Swaps


Daisy's Smash amiibo has been revealed during the Smash Direct of the 1st of November, 2018, along with Ken's, Isabelle's, Piranha Plant's, Ice Climbers', Young Link's and Pichu's amiibo. Daisy's amiibo will be available along with Ken's and Young Link's from April 12, 2019. Based on what we know from the amiibo use for Super Smash Bros 4, the amiibo will allow players to save data about the character to increase its strength.

The Super Mario version is also compatible and has the same use.


  • Palutena's Guidance Secret about Daisy

Every characters are concerned and of course Daisy is included. During this short scene, Pit, Palutena and Viridi discuss about Daisy, telling her origins while mentioning Sarasaland and Tatanga (meaning that Nintendo didn't forget at all about them). Pit is assimilating Daisy as a Peach clone while Palutena and Viridi explain him it is not the case at all.

This could translate Nintendo's/ Sakurai's "mocks" toward people who state that Daisy is a Peach clone.

Palutena's Guidance Secret in Super Smash Bros

Palutena's Guidance Secret in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! (Daisy)-0

In the original version (Japanese version), Palutena describes Sarasaland as a federal nation and Viridi mentions Daisy and Peach strong friendship.

  • Daisy Kirby

Kirby can swallow and copy every other playable characters, this goes for Daisy. Kirby will wear Daisy's crown and will get the Toad protection ability, like for Peach Kirby.

  • Punch-Out!!! Boxing Ring nickname

On this stage appears in the background a screen on which the fighting characters are with their own nicknames. Daisy's one is "Sarasaland's Chipper Princess":

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  • Classic Mode

Here is the way to unlock Daisy (along with every other characters):

How to Unlock them fast

In this mode, like in every other Smash games, characters are featured on congratulation screens when this mode is ended with these said characters. Daisy's one depicts herself, Peach, Mario and Luigi with Peach's castle in the background:


Daisy is also featured in Captain Falcon's congratulation screen along with Peach and Zelda:


  • Spirits

Unlocked in various modes, spirits are to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate what classic trophies were for the previous Smash titles. The game contains an impressive amount of them but unlike the trophies they can be used to give characters stat boosts. Here are the spirits that are related to Daisy:

  • Challenge Mode

It is a mode in which players can unlock unique screenshots after completing various quests and modes from the game. There is one unlocked by playing as Daisy and she is also featured on several of them:


  • Daisy is the 8th playable character in Super Smash Bros. from the Mario franchise and the 4th playable female character from the Mario franchise. 
  • In both Daisy's E3 Direct reveal and Showcase on the official Smash Bros website, she uses music from the Mario Tennis series, she also uses the Mario Kart 8 stage as a background on her page on the Smash Bros website which could both be a nod to her popularity in those series of games or the spin-offs in general.
  • Daisy is the only newcomer revealed at E3 2018 that wasn't playable in the demo.
  • Daisy's pose for one of her unique animations matches promotional artwork of her first used for Mario Kart 7
  • Daisy is the first Echo Fighter to be based on a female fighter, that female being Princess Peach
  • Daisy being paired with Blue Toad as an assist attack for her grabs may have been a callback to Mario Strikers Charged where her Toad sidekick was also a Blue Toad
  • Daisy was the first character to be shown on their new victory screen.
  • Daisy's white swap differs between its E3 and Final versions: the crown is not silver anymore but remains golden and the two layers at her waist which were totally white became light grey (the frills color of the E3 version is unknown though), maybe to differ this swap more from Peach's white one:

But it has been revealed later that the crown is indeed made of silver in game while her white swap artwork still depicts a golden crown. This may be due to a mistake.

  • M. Sakurai revealed during the second Smash Direct that the echo fighter category was a simple way to add very requested characters, proving that Daisy has been added thanks to her popularity and relevancy, meaning too that she was likely pretty well voted during the Smash Ballot.
  • The game marks Tatanga's first appearance in the Smash series as well as in the 21st century!
  • On the official Super Smash Bros. website, Daisy was fighter of the week from June 17-23, 2018.


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