• It was a beautiful day in the Mushroom Kingdom and Princess Daisy was on her way to visit her best friend Princess Peach. "What a beautiful day," Princess Daisy said. "I am looking forward to visiting my best friend Princess Peach. We can have lunch together and spend quality time together. It's going to be a fun day." So she skipped over to Peach's castle. But watching her every move was those two nasty crocodiles Klump and Krusha (from theĀ Donkey Kong Country video game) who are up to their old tricks again. "Krusha," said Klump, "We have been forgotten characters for several years now." "Duh, forgotten by who? Or What?" Krusha asked. Now Krusha may be strong but he is not always too bright. "We'll do something sneaky and evil," Klump continued. "We will defeat Princess Daisy and K. Rool will be so proud of us and we along with K.Rool, who was also a forgotten character, can be in the next Donkey Kong Country game." "Which one?" Krusha asked. "Never mind that now!" Klump yelled.

    Klump had a nasty trap set for Daisy. "Now, here is the plan," Klump said, "when Princess Daisy comes by here, we will drop this 1000-lbs. weight on her and we will squish her. Then we can go clobber Donkey Kong and his company next. Hahahahahaha!"

    "Goody. How much is 9 X Cheeseburger?" Krusha asked. "SHHHHH!" Klump hissed. "Here she comes." Princess Daisy walked under the 1000-lbs. weight and Krusha and Klump released the rope. Nothing happened. And Princess Daisy continued on her journey to Peach's castle.

    "What the...?" Klump screeched. "It didn't work. It didn't work. What went wrong?" "Maybe we forgot to put bait under the trap." Krusha suggested. "Don't be silly," Klump scolded, "princess Daisy doesn't have a favorite bait. Let's go check the weight." So the two evil crocs went under the 1000-lbs. to see what the problem was. But as they did, the rope moved and the 1000-pound weight fell right on the two crocs. SMASH! Klump and Krush are down and out at the moment. Daisy turned around and saw the 1000-pound weight on Klump and Krusha. "Hmmph. Those silly crocs are up to their old evil tricks again." Daisy said to herself and continued on her journey to Peach's castle.

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    • This is chapter one of this exciting story. I will have another chapter coming up soon.

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