We Are Daisy Wikia
We Are Daisy Wikia

The Super Mario Group photo


One of my favorite pages is the Peach and Daisy Photobucket with pictures of both Peach and Daisy, some with other characters including Mario, Luigi, and Rosalina.

My favorite pages

  • I am joining the We Are Daisy Wiki because I want to support Daisy so that she will appear in more games and Super Mario Games and not just spin-offs. Another of my favorite pages is the Peach and Daisy Google Plus Page filled with pictures and speeches too. I support Daisy and her friends.
  • I also enjoy the site with Princess Daisy pictures in the Daisy9Forever category. They are great pictures.
  • I also enjoy pictures of Princess Daisy doing sports, racing karts, and hanging out with her best friends, especially in Mario and Sonic games.

All in all, I want to help Princess Daisy have a brighter future and be in more Super Mario games and main games as well as being Sarasaland back.