We Are Daisy Wikia
We Are Daisy Wikia

If you wish to reach me, it may be best to do so through discord, as I tend to bounce around alot between various wikis on Fandom and Gamepedia.

I help make wikis easier and friendlier for wiki users and editors. This may involve tweaking the main page to make information easier to find, adding new content, or making pages more appealing. I generally ask permission from admins before making major changes. Understand that everything I do is for the benefit of the wiki user (and editors as well). If you have issues with any changes I have made, please contact me - I am very flexible.

Most of the wikis I help are for new games and anime, or games/anime that will, or have recently received a major update.

Today is Friday, 30 July, 2021 (ok, this doesn't seem to always work).

I began collecting tools for Wiki Specialists here
SITENAME: Community Central
My pages: sandbox, css, my user pages (one or more may be red-linked on this site)
(Actually, these link back to Community. I will look into {{#subst}} to create local links)

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Just ignore this section. Because Fandom's caching can take weeks to update this user page and make it accessible to other sites (it has in the past, don't know if that's changed), I've created a testing section, because there are things I'd like to add to this page that don't work in their current form.
Test 1, Mar 9, 2020
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