We Are Daisy is the #1 support group for all fans of Princess Daisy. Whether you're looking to find more information about her or if you just want to talk with other Daisy fans, it's all possible right here!

We Are Daisy was founded in December 20, 2015 by Daisy FORFUTURE and Daisy POTENTIAL. It started small, but after gathering many members and expanding through many affiliates, it became the biggest support group for Daisy on the entire internet! For more history about the group, see this page.

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Did you know...
☀... that Daisy has red hair and blue eyes, one of the rarest hair and eye combinations in the world?



  • Welcome to the Princess Daisy Club, a new Facebook community now part of our Affiliation Program, page ruled by Isaac Hammer, admin of the We Are Daisy Facebook account!
  • To gain peace between two bickering fanbases, We Are Daisy announces another spin-off Twitter account and fanbase. Everyone come support the King and Queen of Spin-offs Daisy and Waluigi at WADluigi!
  • The We Are Daisy Wikia celebrates its third anniversary. Let's all continue to support Princess Daisy and may our wiki see many more years!
  • Smash Direct reveals Princess Daisy's amiibo as well as her Final Smash. It also revealed Tatanga will appear as a spirit, making this his first appearance since 1992.
  • Daisy along with Peach and Rosalina has been highlighted twice by Nintendo on an official stickers book and via its Nintendo Switch channel while describing them as a Princess Power trio composed by leading ladies.